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Nepal is very popular in terms of adventure related sports. Among other sports, Elephant Polo is one of the rare, adventurous and only of its kind in Nepal. This game was first played in India around 20th century by the members of the Maharaja’s Harem (Zenena) to keep them busy. The idea of Elephant Polo in Nepal with the name of The co-founders, James Manclark, a Scottish landowner and Jim Edwards.

The first elephant polo games were played with a soccer ball. But after finding out that the elephants like to smash the balls, the soccer ball was replaced with a standard polo ball. The World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA) was established in 1982 with its headquarter at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in Chitwan, Nepal. The very first elephant was played on a grass airfield in Meghuauly, located just on the edge of the National Park.

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